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The Journey.

Oroz & Co was born as a cruelty-free, conscious and slow fashion brand, in response to a fashion cycle that goes too fast - overproducing, chasing trends, using very polluting materials and wasting more than they can sustain, which damages our planet.

We decide to slow down the cycle so that we can focus on making pieces that last and with the finest quality, using only the best bio-based and recycled materials in the market, that are not only good for you but also for the environment.

We want to help make a change. Will you join us on the journey? 

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Since animals don't wear us, we want to hold up our end of the deal and don't wear them either.

All our apparel is hand crafted by experienced artisans making each unique piece of superior quality

Sustainability is the main pillar of our brand. You can read more about it here

We believe in zero waste and want to give all materials a second chance at another life