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About Us


Who are we?

After a few years dreaming of the project while working as a Neonatal Nurse, I finally decided to follow my dream and first started working on Oroz & Co during the national lockdown in London in March 2020.

The brand represents my values for living and enjoying our world, my passion for fashion and design, nature, animals and the great hope I share that we can make the changes needed to protect our planet.

Oroz & Co was born to be a slow, ethical and sustainable fashion brand that is committed to using materials that respect our planet, quality, comfort and craftsmanship. What drives us is our mission to live more thoughtfully – something we hope to inspire you to do too.

 The brand is committed to preserving planet earth for future generations by staying true to sustainable and ethical production from the beginning to end. We primarily use recycled materials along with innovative eco-friendly and bio based textiles and seek to minimize material waste.

We strive to develop chic, unique, quality products that instill our belief that fashion can be kind. Our hope is to inspire our customers to be conscious about the kind of consumption they support and the impact this has.

Our apparel is made with the greatest consideration for people and the planet, designed to last and be worn time after time. We hope you’ll find our collections practical, accessible, and the perfect foundation for your wardrobe with the cherry on the cake of feeling good while you look good!

Every positive change, no matter how small, makes a difference!


Ethically Made in Spain

​We are proud to produce our products in Spain using experienced local artisan ateliers and factories. This allows us to remain closely involved in every step of the production process, building strong relationships with those creating our pieces and ensuring our ethical and sustainable standards are met. Together we ensure that every Oroz & Co product we ship is made responsibly and built to last so everyone is a winner. 



From the beginning, we set ourselves high standards and pledged to follow a more progressive and sustainable approach to producing apparel. Fashion is a significant contributor to global pollution, responsible for 20% of water waste and 10% of carbon emissions. Moreover, 21 billion tons of textiles are disposed of in landfills per year. Additionally, fashion brands are notorious for burning billions worth of excess products. We have a responsibility to shine a light on the negative impacts of traditional fashion on the world but also to offer an alternative. Oroz & Co was founded with the belief that we can produce apparel responsibly and that customers want to choose this kind of fashion.
We will strive to lead and change the way products are produced - sourcing the most sustainable materials, working with ethical partners, minimizing waste and the impact of our production at every step while offering you awesome products with a longer-life.


We received a grant from Comunidad Valenciana and LABORA.

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