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Ethically Made in Spain


Real people, not machines bring our collections to life. Every piece is unique. Together with our factory partners we focus on small, considered production.

Each article is hand crafted in our ateliers in Elda and Alicante (Spain),  to minimise carbon footprint and create the highest level of transparency. 

Our footwear atelier in Elda, a small town famous throughout the world for its shoe industry, has more than 30 years of experience. The secret recipe of our shoes is each and every one of the talented people involved in their manufacture.

We want our products to be high quality and durable so we choose to work only with factories using qualified craftsmen that will share the same pride as we do in our work. We make products that last, and believe that caring for our apparel respects the love and labor that goes into each of Oroz & Co pieces. 

Working with local ateliers allows us to support the local economy and ensure that all workers involved in our production receive a fair wage, have good working conditions and is treated with respect.

We personally visit the ateliers at least once per month to get deeply involve in the value chain and keep a very close contact with our partners in the ateliers to supervise the totality of the manufacturing process.

 We will constantly strive to improve our practices while challenge ourselves to think out of the box in addressing the needs of our value chain and customers.

You can see a bit more of how our products are made in our Instagram page!


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