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We are all about saving the planet and we believe pre-orders are the most sustainable production process we can use. 


By producing only what is ordered we can:


  • Offer the best possible prices, i.e. your price will never include costs for stock we may never sell​


  • Reduce waste - our materials are sustainable and we try to reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing locally but the materials, energy, transport and time spent on products would be wasted if we didn't find them a home.


  • We don't take this risk, only producing what will be sold.




How it works

  • ​We use order windows to collect the batches - we will tell you when each batch order deadline is on each product page


  • At the end of each batch order window we place our order with the ateliers (they also know when this is coming so they can work more efficiently overall)


  • When the batch is ready, we ship them all together, meaning we only need one pickup from the delivery company. Unfortunately, you all live in different places but you should receive a shipping confirmation for your individual order and will receive it within a few business days after shipping.

    You can have a sneak peak of our on demand products below, or see the whole collection here.


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